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The National WWI Memorial pays everlasting tribute to 4.7 million Americans who served their nation in WWI, 200,000 who were wounded, and 116,516 who paid the ultimate price. It is a memorial to all Americans who supported their troops and did so with pride, then as they do now.

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Virtual Explorer

Explore the past using the tools of today with the WWI Memorial Apps. The “WWI Memorial Virtual Explorer” App brings the Memorial to you on your mobile device in an innovative and immersive “Virtual Field Trip” experience. The “WWI Memorial Visitor Guide” App is designed to enhance your visit to the Memorial in Washington, D.C. (available April 10, 2021). Both versions are filled with information about WWI including Augmented Reality features and over 50 videos. Search for “WWI Memorial DC” in your App store or click the download buttons.